ZOTAC GT 610 2GB DDR3 Synergy Edition Graphic Card

The Zotac Nvidia Gefore GT 610 is the basic entry level graphics card. The card is great for pc which is having a low ending configuration, just plug this card into your PCI Express 2.0 slot and your good to go. This card doesn’t require any extra sata or any other power cable.


As it is an open source gpu this card automatically get detected by the pc. This card has 2GB DDR3 memory on it with 1066 MHz, a 810MHz GPU clock speed. The maximum resolution of this graphics card is 2560 x 1600.


The power supply required by this graphics card is 300W. It is a PCI-E 2.0 X 16  Bus standard card. The graphics technologies supported by this card is Microsoft DirectX v11, Open GL Optimization v4.2.


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For cooling we got one fan at front. The card is not so big, so the dimension of this card is 144.78 x 68.91. By purchasing this card you will get 2 years domestic warranty, you can get it up to 3 years warranty if you do a registering with Zotac. The card will run on Windows XP,7,Vista etc. The card is having 1 x DVI Output Out, 1 x HDMI Output Out, and an 1xVGA DSub Output. Don’t think that this is a low ending graphics card so this wont run cool games, it can.

By having this card you can run the below games at medium/low settings.

Need for speed run
Counter Strick
Call of Duty MW3
FIFA 13/14
Sleeping Dogs
and many more.

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