This graphics card is great for budget gaming pc build. his card is also great for gaming as well as for 3D modelling, video editing, audio editing, and so on.


This card possesses 640 cuda cores, on the core clock is what the stock clock or the gpu clock is 1033 MHz,  and of course we have 2GB of GDDR5 ram on the card itself and that is clocked at 5400 MHz. The card features a nice orange colour scheme heat sink fan in the centre of the card which is transparent.


The shroud over the heat sink is made of a pretty strong ABS plastic, you’re not gonna have any issue with that no rattling on working anything like that you’re not gonna have a problem. On the board that it is completely equipped with a solid state capacitors. On the side of the card there is two DVI ports, and a mini HDMI port along with that above those a air out-take vent. The main thing about this card is that it is extremely quite.


This card run really cool, on average with our stock clock speed maybe or reach 55 degree Celsius if we’re playing demanding game, so we have a lot of room for over clocking. Thanks to Zotac for keeping the design nice, practical cheap and simple. The maximum resolution of this card is 2560 x 1600 (Digital). Power supply to run this card is 400 W.


The graphics technologies supported by this card are Microsoft DirectX v11.2 . With this graphics card you can almost run any games at 1080p settings like

Watch Dogs
The Amazing Spider Man 2
Battlefield 4
Call Of Duty Ghosts
Need For Speed Rivals

( Note: The above games were played at High and Ultra setting on 1366×768 resolution )
By purchasing this card you will get 2 years warranty.

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